Monday, August 4, 2008

"FAIR"ly Good Time...

I took Jude to the O.C. fair yesterday. It was the last day so of course it was super crowded. His favorite part, as usual, were the animals. He also went on a few rides and one in particular that I thought might turn him off of rides forever, but alas he is like his mother...not afraid of anything! Heck I even taught him what the beer booths look like!


The latest in the 365 project...

365:TWO; D-RUNK: Me and my Buddy Sal

365:THREE; Cheese! (Lakey and I after a long day at the fair)

365:FOUR; I missed you too! (Jude and I after he returned from a two week vacation)

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm starting a new project, for the second time around. My goal is to make it all the way through this time, but I'm not promising you (or me) anything. I'm a firm believer in trying and not succeeding and being okay with that as long as you tried. I don't like the word quitter, and don't think that you are a quitter if you don't finish something you started, sometimes you need to put shit on hold. In this case, I'm starting over, but that's because so much has changed since I put the project on hold the first time.
It's called 365 and it's not only a project that I hope will help me (and you!) get more in touch with me and who I really am, but I also have hopes that it will enrich my creativity and at the very least force me to pick up my camera at least once a day. The point of the project (and everything has a point, but if everything has a point than that's rather pointless don't you think?) is to take a 'self portrait' of some sort every day for a year. So yay you get to see 365 pictures of me!

So without further ado here is NUMERO UNO:

The Bored Zebra; I'm usually this bored at work, and two old ladies told me they loved my shirt today, so I had to incorporate the animal print I wore!


First 'blog'...

I looked up the word blog (on Wikipedia of course, where else can I get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?) and I liked one of the words used to describe what a blog was...Commentary. So this will be a commentary of my life so to speak. Or what I can remember to 'blog' (if using the word as a verb) about my life since I'm usually too high or too busy to remember much anyhow.

So here we go...